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Language in Action (French/Spanish)

Do you want to learn a language or improve your language skills while social distancing?  Then you are in right place. The class runs virtually and different medium will be used to ensure engagement and interaction to improve all four skills: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Comprehension. In conversation classes current news, video clips on different subjects and themes and last but not least cooking lessons are included in curriculum to help you expand your vocabulary and/or learn/review a grammar concept used in context.  

Teachers/Instructors :

Our teachers are dedicated, creative and accommodating. The team consists of college educated, highly capable, some state certified and some current college language educators expert in the field. We provide all necessary training and support to our team in leading a successful remote learning to our students.

Policy : 

Some brief online policy highlights :


  • Everyone joining should respect the other participants and instructor and avoid interference ( Instructor is allowed to mute anyone or everyone when needed or end the session)

  • All sessions will be recorded

  • Students shall avoid using any inappropriate language ( or background noise, music, etc).

  • Since sessions are live (video enabled), appearance, dress code and background scene of the room where student is attending should be appropriate. ( camera can be turned off when needed by student). ParisAcademy Northwest will not accept any responsibility of such misbehavior.

  • Meetings will be for students only who have signed up and can not be shared to third parties to participate or dial in without enrollment.

  • ParisAcademy Northwest will not be providing IT support for use of online platform and we have only facilitated this form of education by acquiring licenses.

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