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 Spanish, French, Chinese for Elementary (k-5)


PANW offers language enrichment program for students who wish to get a head-start before middle or high school and have fun while learning the language. The lessons are carefully designed for online platform and it has proven to be stimulating and engaging for maximum retention in virtual classroom. Students are introduced to new vocabulary and their correct pronunciation. Communicative approach adopted and lessons are constructed around five elements for elementary students: Total Physical Response Activities, Songs, Games, Crafts and Culture. A new theme is introduced periodically and vocabulary list and activities are provided to parents for optional practice at home. Returning students are automatically placed in intermediate level and new students will be placed to either group based on prior knowledge. Beginners/Intermediate welcome! 

In Chinese  class, students will learn simple conversation and PingYin with five tones. The emphasis is on speaking and comprehension skill than writing. Simplified writing for more practice at home is assigned as optional but encouraged. The class is taught by an experienced teacher using the curriculum that is carefully designed to lay a strong foundation for future. Groups are organized by language level and age for better interaction. Beginners/Intermediate welcome!



SPANISH K-5 Online WED 1/12/22-3/31/22, (No Class Feb 16), 3:20-4:00PM, 11 sessions
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FRENCH K-5 Online WED 1/12/22-3/31/22, (No class Feb 16), 5:00-5:40PM, 11 sessions
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CHINESE K-5 Online WED. 1/12/22-3/31/22, NO class Feb 16, 4:10-4:50PM, 11 Sessions
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Registration Process:

STEP 1/2:  Use "Buy Now" button to pay the Tuition using secure PayPal app! We will not be able to see or store your CC info!


- Pay online fee (Step1) using "Buy Now" secure buttons. This will take you to PayPal payment. Then Complete registration form below (Step2)

​- Once we receive payment and registration form (use same email address for both), we will confirm the reservation.

- 3% PayPal fee applies to online cc payments and is included in final fee when you use "Buy Now".

- Pay each student and each program fee separately and use the registration form below only for one person and one program.

   So if you enroll a student in multiple programs or have 2 students enrolled in same program, you need to submit the form twice

- Where we have limited space in a class, enrollment will be confirmed based on first come/first served.

​Problems with online registration? No worries! 

​- You can submit the student info online (form below) to save your spot and send your payment via check or money order to ParisAcademy NorthWest address in Sammamish(not to your school) within 72 hrs after registration form is sent

   This may delay registration process by 2-3 days and is recommended if you have difficulties with the online payment. 


Refund/cancellation policy: 


- Up to 3 weeks before class start: 100%  refund

- Up to 1 week before class start:   70% refund

- Before 2nd class of a fully paid program:  50% refund

- There is no refund for installment payments.

- If your student switch to another program, a no-penalty switch may be possible. Conditions apply including class size.

- If a program is cancelled due to school, Academy or minimum required class size a full refund will be applied and we will offer discount for attending another confirmed class we offer at the same school or other schools.


Thank you for registration form submission step2. Please make sure you also submit the payment via step 1

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